Weekend Wrap Up

We had a pretty laid back weekend.....that's just how I like them.
We started the weekend at Barnaby's for dinner.....mmmmm. They have the best pizza in town. I think it's my favorite pizza ever. People try to compare it to Red Elephant and there just ain't no comparison. It's truly a Tallahassee tradition.

Saturday morning, the Junior League of Tallahassee hosted a 5K/Fun Run. Camp and I thought it would be fun to do the Fun Run/Walk so we headed out to Maclay Gardens. Holly and Sally Kate walked with us!

I took a few pictures of my extremely good looking siblings. It was fun taking pictures of new models.....(models that sit still for longer than 2.3 seconds!)

Trip's gonna kill me when he sees these, but I think they're great!

First of all.....when did she grow up? It was weird looking at her through my camera and seeing a grown woman!!! She looks just like her daddy.


I made this cute shirt for Sally Kate. Since the selection of Thanksgiving shirts were pretty slim, I told Holly that I could stich one up in no time. SK will be sportin' this one-of-a-kind Turkey Day shirt and she'll be so cute!

It was opening weekend for duck hunting so my husband woke up at 4:30am on Saturday AND Sunday to partake. On Friday night, Adam said it felt like Christmas Eve....bless his heart! He loves it so much. I'm just thankful duck season doesn't last all year long.



On Sunday, Camp and I joined Daddy at the lake for a little campfire action. As a mother of a little boy, I'm granted admission to the "Boys Only" events. We had fun hanging out with the boys. :)


Training him early....

He loves to stand over the vacuum to feel the breeze!

We are looking forward to the upcoming long weekend and spending Thanksgiving with our family.

Happy Monday!


mary caroline said...

I love all the pics! And the gobble gobble shirt is to die for! Can you make me one?!? I'm jealous. haha

Mama Byrd said...

GREAT pics! Is it wrong to admit you think your own kids are adorable?!? Love the pictures at the lake. Looks like an interesting backdrop for future photo shoots!

Carrie Anne said...

ooooooh i want a shirt too! :) that is adorable. love the pics, what a good looking family!

Lollie said...

Great pics!!! Of course you have great looking subjects! You have many wonderful talents! Are we all getting t-shirts??!!

Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

Haha! Kaden loves our vacuum too. He tried to climb on the other day while I was vacuuming. Silly kids.

And that triffle looks delicious!

christi said...

i just found your blog ... i love your photos! thanks for giving this cali girl a peak into your life. makes me smile. huge!