It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like.....

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is in the air.....and on the radio waves.
Last night Camp and I headed to Miss Mandy's for their annual Christmas Open House. We picked Mary up along the way and met Holly and Sally Kate there too!
Miss Mandy's was packed full of people looking to get their 15% off of her adorable Christmas goodies. I was so glad to see such a good turnout....I like when my favorite store does a good business! There were sweet treats, raffles, and even the man in the red suit! It was a very festive evening.
I didn't buy a thing. Although I have my fair share of Christmas decor, especially Miss Mandy's Christmas decor, there were still things that I would have loved to take home with me. The star garland, the cream glittery wall decoration, the tinsle tree.....
*Hint, Hint, man in the red suit!*
Camp was not quite sure of Santa. I didn't think he'd be as frightened as he was! I hate to break it to the little buddy, but we are going to the mall this year and I'm getting a picture of him sitting on Santa's lap. :)


Kissing under the mistletoe


Another night of dress up....

Mmmm....what a sweet boy!!

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Mama Byrd said...

I remember when Camp's mama used to tremble in her boots at the sight of Santa. We'd stand in line to see "Ho Ho" but the closer we got the more she'd shake. When I decided not to traumatize the little girl any more we'd leave and from a safe distance she would yell, "I love you Ho Ho! I've been a good girl!" But sit on the big guy's lap? Are you kidding?!?