No Soup for You!

This past Saturday night, Mary and I hosted a fall party at our house. The weather was absolutely perfect and the company was even better. We served two soups.....Sausage Corn Chowder and Chicken Tortilla Soup with all the fixin's. It was such a cute concept and I think everyone had a great time. I had lots of fun and I'm going to make sure that every party I throw from now on is hosted with someone else. It makes for a much more enjoyable party experience!

Tom Turkey was on the front porch to greet the guests.

The spread....so festive!

Beautiful flower arrangement compliments of Mary Caroline Radcliffe, Inc.

Spoons wrapped in fall napkins tied with raffia.

Pumpkin spice cupcakes......mmmmmm!!

All the fixin's

My favorite part of the whole party. I love this baby bath tub filled with adult beverages.....so cute!



Holly, SK, Mary, Blair, & Elizabeth.
My only picture of guests.... :( I was just having too much fun to take pictures!

Matt, Micah, Grady, and Adam
How many people does it take to start a fire in the fire pit?

And I'm going to have to add that my poor husband didn't eat any soup at this soup party. He wanted to wait until everyone else served their bowls and by the time he came in to get some soup, it was all gone! Poor Adam.
I am making Chicken Tortilla Soup tomorrow night for dinner to make up for it though! :)


Whitney said...

That bath Tub is such a cool idea, Where did you get it from? Also Camp is So CUTE!!

Mama Byrd said...

Susie will be so happy to see the pictures from the soup party. So festive and fallish (is that a word?) Nummy, want some soup right now!

Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

I love all the parties that you host! I love being a hostess but we never have any reason to have a party (let alone a house for people to come to). Looks like you had fun!

By the way, your pictures are looking amazing! You're getting very good.

Beth Madigan said...

i can't wait for the second annual! i'll be there!