Mountain Getaway

We just got back from a fabulous vacation to the North Georgia Mountains. It goes without saying that Camp was the BEST traveller. He had a great time and went with the flow.
He had a few moments of fussiness on the car ride home, but that's to be expected!

We arrived at my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Oscar's late Friday evening. We left town around 6:30 and Camp slept the entire car ride up. That's the way to travel with little ones!! It made for a very enjoyable ride.
We spent Saturday watching college football and enjoying Vicki and Oscar's gorgeous home.


The Chattahoochee River is their back yard! The setting is just perfect.




My Uncle Oscar took Adam for a little spin in this baby and Adam now wants to buy one. :)

We thoroughly enjoyed our time.

Sunday evening we headed to the house that Adam's parent's rented for the week.
The house was huge and overlooked the town.


Up with the sun and my son! :) Camp woke up at 6:30 the first morning we were there, but I was able to watch the gorgeous sunrise!

On Monday we headed to Anna Ruby Falls.

It was so pretty and an easy hike with a 13 month old. :)


On the walk back, Camper fell asleep in his daddy's arms. That cool mountain air sure made him sleepy.

While looking through the stacks of brochures that were at our mountain house, I saw a flyer for Fred's Famous Peanuts. It looked like something right up my alley and it definitely was!
I tried fried peanuts for the first time and they were mighty tasty!! I left with a root beer in a glass bottle and boiled peanuts and I was a happy girl.




Tuesday brought rain from Tropical Storm Ida...
We shopped at a few stores and ate yummy BBQ.


Adam reading Camp's new favorite book. Usually I'll read the book and Adam will do the animal sounds.....he's better at that than I am! Camp now makes owl sounds when he sees an owl.

On Wednesday we went on a little hike behind the mountain house. The house was right on the edge of a state park. It was gorgeous and we even found a little waterfall.



Carrie Anne came prepared for the hike with her flip flops and cell phone....hey Kaitlin! :)

Sorry ladies, he's taken..... :)


We woke up Thursday morning to a GORGEOUS day. We were sad that we had to pack up the car and leave, but were thankful that we didn't have to drive home in rainy weather.

On the way out of town, Adam wanted to get a picture with the largest pine in the state of Georgia.


Almost home.....we stopped off at Stripling's in Cordele, GA for a little break.

We had such a wonderful time.
Adam's family takes a fall mountain trip every year. This was my 5th trip with the Gunter family and I look forward to it every year. We've been to Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia and always stay in the coolest houses.
Where are we going to go next year???


Mama Byrd said...

Your pictures just get better and better. Love the pics of Uncle Oscar's truck. Glad you had such fun!!

mary caroline said...

Glad you're back! love all your scenic pictures and camp in his overalls. But I really love your new header!!!

Carrie Anne said...

love these! especially the header...very festive. and in my defense i was not aware we would be going hiking on a muddy trail or i would have dressed accordingly :)

Kaitlin DiLuzio said...

hahaha love the shout out!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to these pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Hope Camper is feeling better today. Poor baby!

Lollie said...

What a great time we had!!! Where shall we go next year??....Thanks for the beautiful pictures...it puts me back there ahhhh.....