'Round Here

We've been busy living life in the Gunter household. Camp woke up on Tuesday with a low grade fever, we're thinking it was from his shots. He's also been a bit stuffy, but of course it hasn't slowed him down any!
I packed up all of Camp's bottles yesterday....snif, snif! He's drinking a sippy cup of milk in the morning now. I do have to admit that it was pretty sad, but it made for a lot more room in our cabinets! :)

Camp's great Aunt Melody got these shoes for him. They squeak when he walks and Camp loves them!

One of Camp's favorite fruits is blueberries. I usually buy frozen blueberries and defrost them just a bit in the microwave. They make a HUGE mess....he gets blueberry juice under his finger nails, in his hair, and all over his clothes! Today we had blueberries splattered on the dining room walls!

Our weekend plans include a cookout for Matt McGill's birthday and hopefully watching FSU BEAT Boston College.
Have a great weekend!


Carrie Anne said...

Since no one has commented yet I figured I would :)Love these new photos esp the block ones with annabelle and ellie. Are ya'll coming to the cookout Fri?

Smitten Design said...

Ok- Miss Mandy's is the cutest store in Tallahassee. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.