On the Go

I was reprimanded today by Mama Byrd.....she told me that I need to update the blog ASAP. I told her that I have an extremely adventurous little boy on my hands these days and when he's awake, I can't do anything but keep my eyes on him!

On Sunday we headed to the baseball fields to watch TCC play a scrimmage game. This was Camp's first sporting event. He had a blast and was very entertained. There weren't many people in the stands and I was worried he would start making a lot of noise, but he was such a good boy!
Camp's doing a great job learning to walk. Every night Adam and I will sit at opposite ends of Camp's room and have him walk back and forth between us. He loooooves it because we always give him a big cheer!
Adam and I are grilling chicken wings tonight and I've made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting (from the new Junior League of Tallahassee cookbook A Thyme to Celebrate) for dessert!
If you'd like to have the recipe for the peanut butter frosting, you can order a cookbook from me! :)

Be back soon with some tasty "fun food" recipes....not from the JLT cookbook!


Lollie said...

thanks Mama byrd!!! and thank you Laney!! love to see that boy~

Mama Byrd said...

There you go.... always love seeing updated pics of the little boy! Nummy, chocolate and peanut butter, is there anything better?!?

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Your camera and pics are rockin'! And Camp can't take a bad picture, of course, but he is even more adorable!