Ladies Man

We had a girls (+ Camp) day up in Thomasville this past weekend.
We ate lunch at Savannah Moon Bakery and enjoyed browsing in all of Thomasville's sweet stores.
sophie, camp, & sally kate
After we finished our lunch and dessert, Camp felt the need to love on Sally Kate.
He would not give it up! If he wasn't kissing her face, he was kissing her arm!
It was the most hysterical thing I think I've ever witnessed.
Poor Sally Kate was a real trooper!

It's so funny how he closes his eyes to kiss....

I don't know where the child learns this stuff!!!

Mary was kind enough to email me these pictures (my camera is being a poopy schmoopy)


mary caroline said...

time for a new camera lane :)

What adorable pictures and such a fun time! I loved the blog post title too!

Donna said...

we may have a problem brewing.....
Mr McCutie is way too interested in that cute little girl!

Jessica said...

Hahaha.. I love it. Babies kissing is the best. And her face is priceless.