Labor Day Weekend at the Byrdnest

We just got back from a fabulous weekend at the Byrdnest.
Everyone was there.....Mama Byrd, Cap, Trip, Chandler, and the three of us.
Camp started the weekend with a low fever and it had us worried to pieces. It never got over 101.8 and he didn't seem to miss a beat, but Adam and I were so nervous.

Camp also decided to take a few steps this weekend!! You can tell that he's super proud of himself when he does it. He got up to five steps......he's on his way!

All in all, we had some beautiful weather. It rained a bit on Saturday, but cleared up quickly.

Aunt Vicki and Trey (my cousin) were at the beach too!
Aunt Vicki brought Camp his birthday present because she didn't want him to be overwhelmed at his birthday party. She wanted him to have the present early and enjoy it now! She got him a precious stuffed Salmon and a book about Salmon that she got from the Vancouver Aquarium.

Camp loved them both and was pretty excited about that ribbon and wrapping paper. I'm so excited to see how he reacts to his birthday presents. :)

Brother and sister

Saturday was Trey's 23rd birthday. Chandler and her friend Sarah made him a cake.
Trey was so surprised!
We have a lot of family birthdays in September (Trey (5th), ME! (20th), Nina (10th), Camp (26th), Popsie (28th))

On Sunday we headed to the beach for the day. It was pretty warm with NO breeze.....not my favorite combination, but we had lots of fun.

Camp fell asleep in my arms and I put him under the umbrella to take a little nap.
That sand and sun wiped him out!
What a fun weekend! It's so nice to all be together.

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Mama Byrd said...

What a great recap of a wonderful weekend!