Happy 90th, Nina!!

We just got back from a lovely evening in Thomasville. We went to The Plaza Restaurant to celebrate Nina's (Fred's mom) 90th birthday! So many friends and family were in attendance and I know she was thrilled to have everyone there for this exciting occasion!

Vicki, Fred, & The Birthday Girl

Yummy 12 layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Camp ate most of my mom's piece of cake and all of Fred's. He's getting practice for his cake eating extravaganza tomorrow evening!!

I dressed Camp in a beautiful smocked jon jon....he looked precious.
Right before dinner, Camp had a poopy schmoopy blowout....got all over his outfit.
And you know what? I did not have ANY change of clothes for the poor child. My mom and I stood in the bathroom of the Plaza laughing hysterically at my naked baby and had no idea what to do!! I looked out the window and saw a Rite Aid across the street and thought I might get lucky.
I ran to the baby aisle.....I saw blankets, washcloths, and bibs. No article of clothing!
I finally found a rack of souvenir t-shirts and I got lucky with this "Someone in Thomasville, GA Loves Me" onesie. How awesome that they had his size!!! :)
I learned two lessons tonight:
1. NEVER BUY CHEAP DIAPERS (I learned this lesson a few months ago, but still have a pack of CVS Ultra Thins in the closet that I wanted to use up.)
2. ALWAYS PACK A CHANGE OF CLOTHES! (This precious onesie will now serve as Camp's change of clothes and it will never leave the diaper bag. The child has not had a diaper malfunction in MONTHS and I can't even tell you the last time I've had to change his diaper in public....)

But Camp never missed a beat. Here is playing peek-a-boo with a napkin......see all that cake smeared on his face??

Me, Nina, Adam, and Camp in his Rite Aid couture.

Oooohhh and I'm going to have to say that my hubby was lookin' mighty fine tonight!


Mama Byrd said...

Happy 90th to the best mother-in-law!! She was so thrilled to have so many people to share it with, especially her little great grandson. Got tickled all over again picturing us in the bathroom giggling like school girls!

Beth Madigan said...

TWO good looking Gunter boys! Wonder if they make that sweet souvenir tshirt in Adam's size haha!