Beach Weekend

We spent another great weekend at the beach! This weekend was spent at the Byrdnest. I loved being able to put Camp down on all of the carpet! He scooted around all weekend and had fun playing with his toys and with Sophie.

Camp had his first ocean experience this weekend. I put him in his little baby inner tube and he liked it...eventually! :) The water is still a little chilly so it took a while for him to warm up to it. In no time, he was lounging back and kicking his legs. The water was extremely calm so it was a great day for his first taste of the Gulf of Mexico!

And would you all keep Trip (my one and only, amazing bro) in your thoughts and prayers???? He's taking SEVEN, yes, SEVEN licensing exams this week and he's been studying and preparing for these exams for a long time now. I have high hopes for him, but I'm sure he'd appreciate the extra encouragement. This guy is so ready to graduate (June 22nd) and start his job in the real world. I am soooo proud of him. But I will save that for another blog post. He deserves an entire blog post dedicated to just him!! GOOD LUCK TRIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Mama Byrd said...

Love the pics. Have been anxiously awaiting for your new post! My little boy is so brown in the tub... And thanks for putting that up about Trip. He was the last thing I thought about last night and the first thing I thought about when I woke up. Bless his heart... he's been round the clock studying for the last two weeks and steady preparing the last 4 years!
Oh, and happy almost anniversary!!

mary caroline said...

cute, cute, cute pics :) glad you are back though!