Memorial Day Weekend

Camp had so much fun with little Nick. Adam and I were thinking that this sweet little dog should be our next breed of choice. He's a Pocket Beagle. Doesn't make much noise and is soooooo sweet!

Barrett waiting for cinnamon rolls!

Camper, Rachel Grace, & Barrett

Uh oh....we're thinking that he swallowed a mussell. Ooops! It'll all come out in the wash.

Looks like a big boy clutching on to his truck. Gonna take after his Daddy and Uncle Trip!

That lime was sure tasty, Daddy! I love you so much.


Mama Byrd said...

Has he already learned the feed the dog the yucky stuff trick?

The Stiffies said...

He looks so cute and grown up at the beach! Did he try to eat the sand?