Just Looking

We found a piece of property out near the Meyer's house and drove out there last night to take a look.

It's gorgeous.
Our kind of woods.....lots of trees.....no noise.

Ellie loved it.

The Meyer's drove their Gator and met us. The Meyer children said they would love if we lived out there so they could babysit Camp.

Camp loved it too!!

Afterwards we drove over to the Meyer's.
They hooked us up with lots of fun toys for Camp!
Adam let Ellie swim in their pond and retrieve the tennis ball.
Adam, Jake Robert, Finn, & Linse Lane spent the rest of the time exploring in the woods and catching fireflies. They had so much fun!
We would love to have neighbors as great as the Meyer Family!!
We are just looking though....it's fun!


Trip Webb said...

how much and how many acres?.....80 g's?

Mama Byrd said...

Ahhh, Tripper!! Maybe he'll buy it for you!

Anonymous said...

I love it, too! We missed you this week but had so much fun with your crowd! Love, Aunt Vicki