I Love A Naked Baby

There ain't nothin' sweeter than a naked baby! I let Camp play with only a diaper on and he looked so cute. When his little lip started quivering, I decided it was time to put some clothes on the poor boy. We've bundled him up so well since he's been born that I think he likes being nice and warm. We got a new rug for the living room and we've been playing on it everyday. I LOVE being able to put Camp down to play.

I recorded a quick video of him yesterday and then gave it to him to watch. You can see in this picture that he was quite interested in himself. He got real close to it and watched the whole thing. Bless his heart!

Beth-I'll post a video soon. It just takes so dang long to upload it to blogger. Check your email tomorrow for a special video message from your godson. :)

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Beth said...

yayyyy i can't wait!