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4 months

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4 month bloopers

Ok Mom....I'm pretty tired of this!

Who's ready for this photo shoot to be over? Me!

Playing with Beary.

I've had it with you, Mister!

All About Camp - 4 months
We go to the dr. on February 2nd so I'll update his stats then.
  • He's grabbing at toys when we place them in front of him.
  • He's giggling.
  • He coughs on purpose. He likes that he gets such a reaction out of it.
  • He chews on his hands and fingers any chance he gets.
  • He can take his paci out, but we're still working on putting it back in. Sometimes he can maneuver it back in with his arms.
  • He really loves his Daddy and he loves when they play airplane.
  • He sleeps 11 hours at night.
  • He will turn in the direction of any of our voices.

The other night Adam was talking about how quickly these past four months have gone by. Adam said "Man, months one, two, and three have gone by bang bang bang." And Camp started laughing hysterically!!! I think it was the way Adam said "bang bang bang" so of course we said it again and again and we didn't get the reaction like we did the first time. He's giggling all of the time, but the laughing hysterically has only happened about two or three times. It is so stinkin' cute when he does it though. :)


Carrie Anne said...
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Carrie Anne said...

Wups I messed up my 1st comment but I LOVE THE BLOOPER PICTURES haha so cute!

mary caroline said...

Hey Lane! It's Mary...two doors down. A mutual friend of ours told me a about your blog and I love it! How exciting about your home being featured on tv...you deserve some national recognition! I hope you all are doing well and Camp is too cute!

Megan R. said...

This is SUCH a great idea. I wish we had thought to do something like that with C!