We Love Our Little Buddy!!

After a sponge bath...surprisingly he didn't mind it too much!

Camp's first trip to the shop!

These little foot rattles are so funny!

Camp continues to get cuter and sweeter everyday! Adam and I are just having so much fun! We had a great weekend! Camp attended his first craft show on Saturday and he didn't make a peep. We also went to lunch and Target with Mama Byrd & Chandler. Saturday night, Adam, Camp, & I all got in our bed and watched the Florida/LSU game. It was just perfect. There was no where in this world that I wanted to be other than in that bed with my baby and my husband. On Sunday we went to Mama Byrd & Cap's house for dinner. Camp made his first trip of many to the shop today. I can't wait for him (well yes I can) to get a little bigger so he can help his daddy with all of the equipment. I have a feeling we'll have a 3rd generation working for CCLC. :)

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brittany, steve, and gabe said...

he is just so sweet and tiny! congratulations!