Past Few Days

Jake Robert & Camp. JR said he was going to babysit Camp because he's the oldest! :)

Elsa & Camp

Finn, Elsa, & Linse Lane. Linse Lane said "I'm going to be Camp's babysitter....Mama said!"

The three oldest Meyer children met Camp for the first time yesterday. They were pretty smitten. I've been babysitting these precious children for 6 years now and it makes me sad that I won't be doing it on a regular basis anymore. I'm hoping once Camp gets a little bigger we'll be able to have play dates! These children are just too sweet and I was so lucky to have found a family like them to work for.

Adam, Camp, & I are going to take our first trip to the beach this weekend! I'm hoping that Camp loves beach air and sleeps well. He's been a little testy with his sleeping lately. He can sleep great when he's laying beside me, but put him in his crib and he cries! Some nights he's great and then others not so great. It's so tempting to just hold him while he sleeps because he's such a fun cuddle bunny, but I don't want to dig ourselves into a huge hole and have it become a routine.
ATTENTION GODMOTHER BETHEL: Please be patient as I learn how to upload videos. The Flip is so flipping awesome and we love it and I can't wait to post! I will do my best to get a video up by tonight! :) WE LOVE YOU!!!

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Beth said...

haha well i'm glad you're enjoying it! can't wait to see the action- have fun at the beach!!!