Our Week In Pictures

These are in no particular order....it takes way to long to get them in the right order! :) The little buddy is doing great! He's getting better every night with his schedule and feedings. He is so stinkin' cute and I could just kiss him all day long and not get sick of it! He's truly a precious miracle! For those of you wondering about the labor story.....it went AWESOME!!! We went in to the hospital around 9pm Thursday night and they started me on a very low dose of pitocin. My contractions were very mild and irregular for a while. Contractions started picking up around 3:15 am and my water broke on its own at 3:30. I quickly asked for the epidural (that thing is so amazing and I highly recommend it!) The epidural started working its wonders around 4 am and the little buddy was here at 4:25 am! I pushed about 4 times! The doctor and nurses were so impressed and suggested we have about 4 more babies!! Haha...I knew I was put on this Earth to be a mama!!!!
Auntie Chandler or just Chandler! :)

Go Noles! Thanks Holly!

A little smile.

Sweet precious little boy!
Snug as a bug in a rug!

Jon and Adam smoking celebratory cigars.

Home after his first drs. appt.

In his mama's arms after his first outing to Publix!

In Chandler's arms

7 pounds, 5 oz.

Sweet boy!

About to be discharged from the hospital....Daddy is very sleepy!

In his car seat getting ready to leave the hospital.
Daddy is so in love!

Family photo

Mamaw & Camp

Mama Byrd & Camp
Right after the little buddy was born.

I'm so in love!

Just born!

Chandler & Camper

Cap and Camp!
More pics to come...I think I'm going to get a 15 minute nap in before it's time for his 4:30 feeding! :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! I think I knew you were born to be a Mama when Freshman year we spent a bit of time in the baby aisle of WalMart on our trip to Gulf Breeze!!! He is so cute, Lane!! I'm so so excited for you two!!! ~Laura