Crazy Few Days

I had my 35.5 week check up yesterday and my blood pressure was high yet once again! I have had a 24 hour urine test and bloodwork taken and Dr. McAlpine diagnosed me with white coat syndrome (when blood pressure is only high at the doctor's office), but it still drives me crazy that I can't calm down when they take my blood pressure! I'm not scared of the drs. office. I actually like going and listening to the little buddy's heart beat! I'm just scared to get my blood pressure taken...silly I know. Well, the dr. that I saw yesterday wanted me to go over to triage and get more blood taken and do a non stress test for Camp. Everything came back wonderful! The nurse said my blood is better than normal and Camp passed his tests with flying colors. But the oncall doctor wanted me on strict bedrest and wanted me to come back into triage today for another non stress test and blood pressure checks. Talk about sending a girl's blood pressure through the roof!! So Adam and I went back to triage today and my blood pressure was a lot better than it was yesterday. I guess because I knew what to expect this time and the same nurse was taking care of me. Soooo I was able to go home and no more bedrest. Ahhh....the longer he can stay in there, the better. I'm 35 weeks and 4 days today. The hospital considers everything before 36 weeks preterm, so I have 3 days and he really should be good to go! My next appointment is this Thursday and I get to see Dr. McAlpine this time!! I'll be glad to talk to him and get his opinion on everything. He's cautious, but in a way that doesn't make me flip out....and I really like that! :)

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