The Past Few Days

Well we survived Tropical Storm Fay!! We probably ended up with over 20 inches of rain! It didn't stop raining yesterday. The power went out yesterday morning around 9 and then didn't come on until about 7:30 last night. Our cable and internet were still out until about noon today. Man, I can honestly say that I would go insane without cable or internet....and electricity! It started to get pretty muggy and warm in our house yesterday and I'm very thankful it came back on. There are still people in the neighborhood with no power...yikes. Adam and I ate lunch and dinner out with friends yesterday and he even played football in the rain with a bunch of guys. We were going stir crazy and just had to get out. There were tons of streets that were closed due to flooding and trees down. On Saturday morning around 2:30 am, I heard a very loud wind gust and then the worst cracking sound. I grabbed Adam (who was sleeping very soundly) and screamed "Oh my goodness!" He woke up in a panic and thought someone was breaking in!! We then heard an even louder crack and three trees in the park had been snapped! We had no damage...thank goodness, but the trees fell pretty close to our fence.

It almost looks like a little tornado came down and got the trees. A tornado hit the park years back in almost the same exact spot.

Bored puppies, sad they can't go out and play!!

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