Getting Organized & Saving Money Has Never Been So Fun!

After hearing all the buzz on coupons and bargain finds, I decided that I'd take in a little part of the action. I purchased this handy dandy file folder for $1 at Target and the rest is history. I labeled each section by store and also have sections for my lists (I make about 30 each day) and for receipts. I've always said that I wanted to save every single receipt to see how much we spend and where, but I've never followed through. It's also great so I can return things if need be. So now all of my coupons and rewards receipts are filed nicely in this folder. Now I can take advantage of all of the extra savings because normally I throw coupons in a drawer and forget about them. I'm going to ONLY use coupons for things that we need. I don't want to go too overboard and spend more money on things that we don't even use regularly. I printed out a bunch of coupons that I plan on using on Monday when I go grocery shopping and I'll make sure to blog about how much I saved!

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