Big Boy Camp!

I just got back from my 31 week appointment with an ultrasound. Camp is measuring at 4 pounds, 7 ounces! He's also measuring at 32 weeks and 6 days. It just makes me feel so reassured that he's growing and that everything looks good. Dr. McAlpine said to expect him to be about 8-9 pounds. I had a different ultrasound nurse this time and she commented on how big his hands were. We have heard that EVERY single time we go in for an ultrasound!! There's no doubt his hands and feet are big and his legs are long. The nurse also commented on his "pug" nose and I was like "hey....he has his mama's nose...watch out lady!" :) Haha. Oh and she also saw a little hair, but not much. Hopefully he won't be completely bald, but I'm not expecting him to come out with a full head of hair like I did. I go back in 2 weeks for my next appointment. I can't believe I'm already down to biweekly visits. He's gonna be here before we know it!!!


Micah, Danielle, Sophie, and Angus said...

so exciting! maybe a little early bird or a big early bird I should say!

The Gunters said...

That would not hurt my feelings at all!! Just not too early! :)

Emilee Grace said...

Thanks for entering the giveaway at my blog. :) If you are interested in a Free blog design (I love your header by the way), let me know. Also, my street is McAlpine. How funny! :)