eight is great

better late than never, right??

Camp requested Which Wich for lunch, skyzone, and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for his eighth birthday! We had a wonderful time celebrating this sweet, sweet boy!!!


All About Camp 9/26/16

Favorite TV Show- Right Now Kapow
Favorite Movie- Jungle Book
Favorite Food- Hamburgers 
Favorite Drink- Shirley Temple
Favorite Candy- Buncha Crunch
Favorite Toy- My globe...I love my globe
What makes you happy? When I go on trips with you.
What do you and mommy do together? I like when you encourage me.
What do you and Daddy do together? Go to Panacea
Who is your best friend? Campbell, Sawyer, & Gabe
Favorite place to go- Chuy's
Favorite Book- Captain Underpants
What do you want to be when you grow up? A landscaper
Favorite Song- Happy Man by Thomas Rhett

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Bebe said...

So glad I could be a part of his 8th birthday! Eight IS great!