23 months

Collins is 23 months!! He is the funniest little boy! He is exhausting, but so sweet!! 
Collins and Beary both look like they are pitching the same fit!

He's using so many new words and putting two and three words together. He talks ALL OF THE TIME!!

This is the best picture I could get this month...

He goes to bed at 8 and wakes up around 8. He'll still take two naps a day if our schedule allows for them. He is and always has been a great sleeper!

He likes to scare me...he'll say "Mama!!" and then say "Boo!!" :) It's the funniest thing!! 

He loves tractors, reading books, school buses, going on the boat, milk, candy, playing outside, going down the slide, and pitching fits! He's the sweetest, spunkiest little fella and I love watching him grow into a little man!! Happy 23 months, sweet Collins!


Bebe said...

Love, love, love the pics! Showcases our little guy perfectly. Happy, happy, you almost two year old boy!!

yaya said...

crazy lil nugget!! and no is his favorite word!!! love him bunches!!!