Disney 2013 - part one

We just got back from another wonderful trip to Disney!! Collins's FIRST trip!! I didn't think it could get any better, but somehow, it did. There's just something about Disney!
I was going to just do one Disney post, but when I uploaded over 200 pictures to our computer, I decided to split it up between two posts. I want to blog these pictures and memories right away before I forget any little detail. Disney truly is the happiest place on EARTH!!!

Camp knew we were going to Disney, but we didn't do a countdown to save our sanity! I decided I'd put together a little bag of Mickey goodies and set it out the night before we left for our trip. Camp woke up Sunday morning and was quite pleased and excited to find out we were about to leave for our trip. 

I made these Oreo Mickeys for a breakfast treat too!

We started our Disney adventure at T-Rex cafe in Downtown Disney. This dining experience was much anticipated by a certain four year old. We have talked about eating at T-Rex for over a year now!! It was well worth the wait and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meal and experience.

Digging for dinosaur bones while waiting for our table.

Look at his mouth and his little hands...just taking it all in!

Camper's drink and Mommy's drink!

Camp spent the entire meal in awe! 

The food at T-Rex was REALLY good! 

After T-Rex, we checked into our hotel, The Animal Kingdom Lodge.

We got into our room and saw these animals right from our balcony...SO COOL!!!!
After we settled into our room, we headed to Epcot!

Beautiful Epcot...

We had Epcot practically to ourselves...we walked right on to every single ride!

I had Collins in the Baby Bjorn most of our time at Disney and it was definitely the way to go. It was a lot easier than holding him and we knew he'd be safe on rides this way! :) 

Our first ride at Epcot was Spaceship Earth...the ride stopped for almost 10 minutes at this spot so I took some pics and texted with Mary to keep from panicking! LOL! 

Sweet Collins and I rode together and Adam and Camp were in the car behind us. This was Collinsy's first ride at Disney and he did great! There were moments it got pitch black and he didn't seem phased by it. He LOVED every single ride we went on the entire trip.

I love this part! Had to take a pic!

Next stop was the Nemo ride!

Camp was intrigued by the "mipes" aka the seagulls from Nemo that say "Mine, mine"...Camp thinks they are saying mipe! :) Precious angel boy!!!

Checking out the fish after the Nemo ride.

After the Figment ride, we headed to the countries so I could get my glorious margarita in Mexico! :) 

Here is Adam enjoying a turkey leg from America and a beer from Germany. We ate and drank as much as we could "around the world". It was so much fun!

Camper just had to have the light up Buzz Lightyear! He's pretty cool!

Adam couldn't pass up on the funnel cakes. YUM!
We had all intentions of staying until the fireworks, but this Mama just couldn't hang!! The boys were just fine and Adam was willing to stay, but I was just exhausted! :) We headed back to our hotel to get ready for a fun filled day at Magic Kingdom.

waiting for the bus to Magic Kingdom

Watching the performance at the castle...

Daddy and Camper rode the carousel.

Swiss Family Robinson tree house!

The four of us rode on the tea cups...the boys LOVED this ride. The three of them were laughing hysterically because I was screaming and trying to hold on to the wheel to prevent them from spinning us too fast...all while trying to snap these pictures! They are my absolute faves from the whole week though! I'm glad I endured the intense spinning to capture these. 

Collins would giggle under that paci and it was just the sweetest thing. He got such a kick out of me screaming!

We eventually made it to Fantasyland and all I wanted to do there was go to Gaston's Tavern to get some LeFou's Brew. Mmmmmm! It was soo good and very refreshing! It was all I dreamed it would be! :)

This awesome playground was at the new Dumbo ride. You play while you wait! Brilliant! Camp had so much fun!

After Dumbo, we hopped on the train to take us to Main Street. I had all intentions of calling it a day then, but we saw there was only a 5 minute wait to meet Mickey so we headed to the Main Street Theatre to see him. We walked right in with absolutely no wait...it was perfect!

After Mickey, Adam said he just wasn't ready to leave...I wasn't either, but I just didn't know how long the boys were going to last. We decided to just keep going until the boys told us otherwise! :) 

We then headed to the Confectionary. 
Ahhh...what a glorious place this is!!

We loaded up on LOTS of yummy goodies...Adam looked at me while shopping and said "Disney is just so...magical!!!" I love that he gets into the magic! 

Camper got a yummy Meeka (and yes he will still call him Meeka...it makes me happy) cake pop!

I downloaded the My Disney Experience app a few months before we left for our trip and I would randomly check wait times for rides to see what the crowds were looking like. I loved having this app while we visited Disney. I'd refresh the wait times and see that a certain ride had a short wait and we'd head over to that ride. It was so convenient. 

We headed over to Tomorrowland because Camp saw Astro Orbiter and wanted to ride. I knew Collins and I wouldn't want to ride that so while Adam and Camp waited to ride, Collins and I rode the People Mover.

We then headed to Buzz Lightyear

The look on Camp's face just makes me want to cry...so sweet.

Collins kept pulling on the controller to turn our cart around! :) 

Camp got a kick out of this mister!

After Tomorrowland we rode on Aladdin and headed back to Pirates of the Caribbean for the second time because both had short wait times.

We ate dinner at Casey's Corner and decided that since it was already past 7pm, we'd wait for the fireworks!! :) I was in complete shock knowing that we'd been at Magic Kingdom since it had opened and were about to stay until it closed. Both boys were complete troopers. I really didn't know what to expect from Collins, but he was SOOOOOOOO (yes, all of those O's are necessary!) good and really seemed to enjoy himself!  

Waiting for the fireworks...we watched them right at the exit so it was easy to leave when they were over. This was a good idea! :)

After we got back to our hotel we ordered some room service. Camp thought it was pretty cool to eat in bed! :)
Our first two days at Disney were pretty much perfect...stay tuned for part two!


Bebe said...

What a blast! Feel like I was there, too! Great pictures...
Disney IS a magical place and glad both boys had such a good time. I should say three boys!!

Carrie Anne said...

WOW!!!! I have always thought Disney looked awesome and fun (I only remember bits and pieces from when I was four)...but this all looks AMAZING!!! I want to go!!!!!! What fun!!! Magical indeed.

jenniferrcanfield said...

My husband, daughter, and I will be going to Disney next month. I was searching for posts about Animal Kingdom Lodge because ironically we will be staying there and also we plan on going to the T-Rex Cafe. So, I enjoyed seeing your pictures from there. I was a little hesitant at first to make reservations there because my daughter is 5 and I wasn't sure if she would be scared of the HUGE dinosaurs. We'll try it out though. Also, I saw that you're from FL, what part? We live in Tallahassee.