my boys

Camp and Collins at almost the exact same age! Camp was 4 days shy of 3 months and Collins is 6 days shy of 3 months! :) It's so cute that they're doing the same exact pose!! I think it's fun that they don't look anything alike! Their personalities seem to be very similar though...I will take it!!

Adam and I took this buddy to dinner and a movie tonight. We saw Brave and it was wonderful!! We all loved it. It was sweet to take him out all by himself. When I told him Collins would be staying at home with Yaya, he said he wanted Collins to come with us too! :) Thank you to Yaya for watching the littlest buddy!

Camp playing a dinosaur game I have on my phone...he's obsessed! Camp told me today "I like pterodactyls, they are the best dinosaurs." :)

Camp put this dinosaur on Collins's blanket so he could play with it. :)

Precious, precious boy!!


The Smith Family said...

Collins with the dinosour is priceless!!

Yaya said...

I had the best time with my littlest buddy11 So glad ya'll got to have a special time with your big buddy!!
Love how they have the same position! and i LOVED the dino pic!!