2nd week

Here are some pictures of Collins's 2nd week! He's two weeks old today. We went to the dr. this morning for a weight check and he's 8lbs, 8oz. They'd like for him to be back up to his birth weight by two weeks and he's there plus 6 ounces! :) 

I know several people are excited for the return of Beary pictures!! :) This is Collins and his very own Beary at 1 week.

My dad and Meri came to town last week and brought a sit and stand stroller. Camp is so excited about it and asks to go on walks all day every day!

Camp says we're going to take this to Disney World. :) 

First bath!! Collins seemed to loooove it!


Bebe said...

Yay for Beary pictures! Will look forward to seeing the progression as Collins gets older. Sweet Camp with his sweet brother... Warms a grandmother's heart!

Donna said...

So very cute, both boys! Love to see Collins with Beary, a great tradition!
Love to all

yaya said...

LOVE Beary pics!!!! Sweet boy is really growing!!!! Love the pics of your precious boys! Lots of love in those pictures!! Happy Birthday Collins!!!

Carrie Anne said...

Happy 2nd week birthday Collins!! LOVE his beary pictures and the pictures of the two boys :) And that stroller is so awesome!!!