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Not much going on in the Gunter household these days...we are counting down the days until sweet baby brother makes his appearance! People like to tell me that there's no way I will make it to my due date, that I've dropped, and that it must be any day until he's here...why is it that total strangers feel the need to give unsolicited advice/comments?? :) 
before school one day last week...
This sweet boy went fishing with Daddy and Bop Bop yesterday...Adam told me that while they were out in the boat, Camp put his arm around him and his head on his shoulder and said "we're best friends". Melt my heart!! I'm telling you, this buddy is as sweet as they come!!

Camp had his first 'friend from school' birthday party a few weeks ago...it was so cute and I loved seeing Camp have so much fun! He got to experience a pinata for the first time!

Once the candy fell, he ran in, grabbed one piece of candy, came over to me and said "I got it!!!" I told him to go back in for more!! :)

the party was absolutely adorable...

looking forward to many more parties!

This is our office nook...I always say this is the reason we bought our house...I love having a separate place for our computer and printer, but it's so hard to make it look nice and neat. I've wanted to make a curtain to cover the shelves above and hide all of my crafts and junk! I realized I had enough fabric from recovering our dining room chairs and I got to work. It makes this area look so much more organized...just don't peak behind the curtain! :)

I had a sweet, sweet baby shower this weekend and I can't wait to share pictures!! We just got a new internet provider and I'm amazed at how fast I'm zooming through cyberspace now!!! Hopefully that means I will blog a lot more now...maybe not though!! :)


Bebe said...

Yay for faster downloading! Had such a ball last weekend (last year, like Camp would say). Thanks for the wonderful and comfortable accommodations!!

The Smith Family said...

I always loved "oh my goodness your huge!" Thanks i've got 8 weeks to go. Some people!
Good luck in the coming weeks!