halloween weekend

Friday night, we headed to Faith's Trunk or Treat...

Camp quickly got the hang of it and ended up with some yummy treats!

On Saturday we carved our pumpkin...this year I bought one of those carving kits with templates. It was definitely easier to carve than with a kitchen knife, but the carving tools they give you are pretty flimsy...definitely disposable! :)

Camp really got into carving the pumpkin. He chose the ghost template and he was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. He would ask several times a day to go out on the front porch and see our pumpkin.

On Sunday, we headed to the woods...Camp thought he was pretty cool with this on!

Adam wanted to put up a deer stand and Camp followed Adam everywhere he went...

Cute little boy!

On Monday, Camp had his Halloween parade at school...I hid behind my camera so he wouldn't see me! :)

At the very end of the parade I came out of hiding and this is right after Camp spotted me!

Monday night...all ready to go trick or treating!

definitely in character!

Holly came to our house in her first costume of the night!! :) She later changed into Dorothy to match Sally Kate!

Hadley, Reese, Sally Kate, & Carson

our sweet pirate

the hayride crew...

I think the kiddies had lots of fun!! They were all pros at trick or treating...they'd get off the hayride and run as fast as they could to the next house.

our last stop of the night was at yaya and bop bop's...we were their first (and only) trick or treaters so we all got lots of m&m's!!!!

What a fun Halloween!!!
 I loved seeing Camp's excitement...he had a blast!


Bebe said...

So Cute! I think I remember seeing a picture last year of the most precious frog leaping in the same spot at Yaya's. Looks like the kids had a blast. The costumes were adorable and loved the Black Swan...

Bebe said...

And PS, It's amazing how Camp is camouflaged in that picture with Adam! Guess that's why they call it camo!

Anonymous said...

That is one cute pirate!