memorial day weekend 2011

We had a really fun Memorial Day weekend down at the beach...so much fun that I forgot to take pictures! Well, I took a few, but not my usual. I gave myself the weekend off! :)
We spent all of Sunday on the boat...the weather was perfect!!

Me and my favorite sister in law! :)

We all swam in the water...even the little buddy! He wore his little life jacket and enjoyed bobbing in the water. He was happiest when no one was holding him and he could float on his own.

Sunday night, Yaya, Carrie Anne, and I ventured to Sunset Coastal and enjoyed a lovely dinner. Adam, Dave, Bop Bop, & Camp stayed home and fried fish. It was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to many more beach trips this summer...the next one being this weekend with my wonderful hubby of FIVE years! :)
Happy Anniversary to us!


CA said...

Aww...so much fun! Can't wait to go back ASAP!!!

Bebe said...

Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!! Here's to many more! Glad you enjoyed the beach. Will probably miss the Lion's Paw/Mama's Jewelry Box flotilla this year :( Will make it even more special next year!

yaya said...

most wonderful memorial day ever!!! and happy happy happy anniversary <3 <3 <3