mary & david's wedding weekend part one

Mary and David tied the knot this weekend and it was a glorious affair! It started Thursday night with a fabulous Cuban themed fiesta...black beans, cuban sandwiches, chicken enchilada casserole, and sangria were on the menu. The party was just perfect and I enjoyed mingling with some of my favorite people! I brought my camera out to take pictures and realized I'd left my memory card in my computer, but I took a couple pictures from Heather's blog! :) It was a lovely evening and a great way to kick off a fabulous wedding weekend!

thanks, heather :)

Holly, Heather, Rian, Me, & Erin aka "wildest senior #2"

The next night, Adam and I attended the rehearsal dinner held at the Governor's Club.

Heather, Rian, Pamela, & me

The beautiful bride and me!

Paul Bruce, Erin, Marcus, Chris, & my handsome (and tall!) husband...

After the cocktail hour we headed to the dining room for a fabulous dinner!

Mmmm...everything was delish!

Marcus & Holly

The best tiramisu ever!

David & Mary during the sweet slideshow...it brought tears to my eyes!

The bffaeae even made an appearance in the slideshow as David's dance partner!! :) Check out the date of the video...June 11, 1988! Little did David know that 23 years later on that same day he'd be marrying the love of his life!

Toast time!!
 Every single toast was so sweet and thoughtful...

One of my favorite toasts of the night was the one made by Holly & Michael (mary's sister & brother) They sang Old Fashioned Wedding...the hilarious duet was performed without a hitch and they even got a standing ovation! It was just awesome...those Radcliffe's are sure talented!!

Thank you, Mary & David for including us in this very special night!!

Wedding pictures/post coming soon!


Bebe said...

Know a good time was had by all. Can hardly wait to see the wedding photos! Congrats Mary and David!!

CA said...

Wow...love it! Everything/everyone is beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest...

Heather said...

Gorgeous pictures, Lane!!! It really was the best of the best...so much fun!

Trip said...

Glad to see Adam is holding down the traditional tie look hahaha. Looked like fun!