We've had a busy weekend full of lots of celebrations! We started early Friday watching the royal wedding. I got up with Adam and don't think I've voluntarily woken up that early in a loooong time! The wedding was beautiful and perfect and I've enjoyed watching the specials recapping the blessed event at any chance I get! :) I had no idea I'd be so captivated, but it's been nice to see something so happy and lighthearted in the press. Camp watched some of the wedding with me and now every time we see Kate on TV or in a magazine he'll say "dere da princess!!"
On Saturday I continued in the wedding spirit and attended another bridal shower for Mary.
Only six more weeks until Mary & David tie the knot!

On Sunday, Camp had two birthday parties to attend...he's quite the little socialite these days!

We started at Avery's 2nd birthday party...

Camp was happy to see the bounce house and spent most of his time in here! :)

He had a blast!!
I think a bounce house is a must at his 3rd birthday party!

After Avery's party, we headed to Barrett's 4th birthday party!!

a pirate themed pool party...right up camp's alley!

The child obviously does not have my fear of balloons! :)

Daddy & Camp shooting the water pow pow pow...Camp thought this little toy was pretty awesome!

The three of us came home exhausted, but we had a great day!
Happy Monday & Happy May!!! :)

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Bebe said...

Love the action shots in the bounce house! And the flowers in the glasses... what a beautiful idea!
I stayed glued when Diana and Charles got married. With all of the bad news there's something magical and fairy tale about a prince and princess getting married.
Happy Birthday Avery and Barrett!