spring break 2011

We've had a fun filled week!!!
After coming home from Blue Ridge, Camp and I headed west to the Meyer's beach house and joined them for a few days!

The weather was perfect and the water was beautiful.
Camp had a blast!!

We celebrated Linse Lane's 6th birthday on Tuesday and she got the new iPod touch!!

birthday cake time!

Camp looooooved the "kids" as he liked to call them! They were all soooo sweet and patient with him and it was pretty nice to have so many babysitters around!

A false fire alarm at the condos by the beach house, but an exciting sighting of a fire truck for Camp...

We went to the pool a few times too...

Camp loved the pool!! I would float him around in an inner tube and he'd say "I fwimmin in da pool!!"
Look at sweet Finn talking to Camp...

After our days at the Meyer's, we headed to St. Teresa...

with these sweet girls!!

these two had lots of fun!

all packed up and ready to go home watching nemo...camp and avery fell fast asleep not long after we left the beach house!
Last week gave me a taste of summer and I'm ready to spend most of it down at the beach!
On Saturday, Adam and I had an engagement party to go to so we dropped Camp off at Yaya & Bop Bop's and had a lovely evening! We even had a little date at FGF for drinks and appetizers after the party...I sure love date night with my handsome husband!!

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Bebe said...

What a fun Spring Break! What a lucky boy!! I remember when some of the Meyer kids were younger than Camp! Actually all of them at one point or other... Looking forward to our beach weekend next weekend!