not in the mood for pictures & quick trip to the fair

Camp was not interested in getting his picture made...

He just wanted to sit in his chair and enjoy his lollipop in peace!

But I love these pictures anyway!

Adam, Camp, and I made a quick trip to the fair. We hadn't been in years and Camp had never been, so we decided to give it a try. We thought he might enjoy the animals and tractors!
This attraction was the highlight of my night!! I've never seen these, but they were called Hamster Balls! It was so funny to watch these kids roll around in the balls on the water without even getting wet!

We headed straight for the animals and Camp enjoyed petting goats, cows, and sheep!

We didn't stay very long, but just long enough to get a corn dog and a funnel cake (the only reason to go to the fair, in my opinion!) I always forget how "sketch" the fair is!! :) We aren't one for the rides so that part is lost on us, but we had a nice evening out enjoying the sights! :)


yaya said...

even when he doesn't want his picture made he's cute!!! the fair looked like fun! I want to ride in the hamster ball!!!

Uncle Trip said...

why didnt they have the hamster ball when i was a little kid? those look awesome.