Annabelle loves that she can look out and guard our house. She hasn't been able to look out of the window for over three years and she's finally content again.

Camp also loves to look out of the windows too!

On Thursday we went to my mom and Fred's for an early birthday celebration for me!! We had pizza, Cake Shop cupcakes and I opened my birthday gifts. My mom got me this green berry wreath and I'm in love!!! It's my favorite color green and it looks so pretty on our front door!! It makes our house look so homey now!

Adam got a new sprinkler and Camp had fun playing around in it.

Our fence is now 95% installed! At the last minute we decided to add another gate on the side of our house so they had to order it. I'm already loving the freedom that comes with a fenced in back yard! It's practically impossible to keep a dog and a toddler contained without one!
I finally got Camp his very first FSU football jersey! He looked absolutely adorable and he knew it too!

We had a tailgate at Yaya & Bop Bop's for the FSU game. We had every fun food you could think of!!

I made a new pumpkin cookie and they were pretty good!

Silly football boy!

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Heather said...

What a cute wreath!! And I love the one of Annabelle looking out the window :)

Hope you have a Happy, Happy Birthday tomorrow!! You are birthday buddies with my dad :)