Field Trip

Because it is Spring Break in Kindermusik land, our Thursday morning was free. I thought it would be a great idea to head down to the junior museum for a little field trip. We took Camp when he was 13 months old and I knew he would love it even more than he did last time. We had such a great time and I didn't even bring the stroller!! Big boy walked the whole time and he had a blast!

Walking under the big net area with the eagles, vultures, and owls!

He spotted the coyote!!

Camp found the deer before I did! I said "where's the deer?!" and Camp said "der!" (there!)

Adam wishes he would find these babies up in Cairo!

It was the PERFECT day to enjoy the outdoors!

After looking at all of the animals, we headed to lunch at the little cafe in the museum. Camp was such a big boy in the booster seat!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Beautiful pics, of course and I can't believe Camper made it the whole day without a stroller! WOW!
Love his shirt, too!

Ivy said...

I love the Junior Museum! Maybe the Georgia turkeys are in hiding cause Troy hasn't killed one yet either!

Grey Webb said...

Little Mr. Outdoorsman. He's a real sport.