This Week

My dad and Meri came to visit on Monday and Tuesday. Even though we just saw them at the end of December, they thought Camp had changed so much since then! It was a short visit, but we had so much fun spending time with them. They brought Camp a Valentine’s Day card with a truck on it….they sure know what the little buddy likes! I have it up on the mantle and Camp asks to play with it all the time.


I made Bakerella’s cupcake pops and they ended up turning out pretty darn cute. I’ve wanted to make them for such a long time and figured it would be a cute Valentine’s project. I think our cupcake pops recipients were mighty pleased with their treat!

Adam brought the tractor home one day after work and Camp was a happy boy. After Camp had enough of the tractor, he moved on to the back of Adam’s truck.


This is his new face!

Adam did a job across the street this week and it was quite difficult explaining to Camp that Adam wasn’t really home to play. He would look out and see Adam’s truck and all of the fun equipment, but wasn’t allowed to go out there and enjoy it! Popsie did come over yesterday and let Camp explore around the job site though! When Popsie had to leave, Camp did not want to come back inside to his boring Mama!


Camp is a pro at his Mater truck. He drives it all throughout the house and even knows how to turn the truck with the steering wheel. His route starts in the living room, into the hall, through the kitchen, then into the dining room and back into the living room. I love that it keeps him so busy and that he’s able to do it on his own! Sometimes he takes a pit stop and plays with the ignition or lifts up the seat to put treasures inside.

Camp is getting FIVE teeth at the moment! I had my fingers in his mouth and felt two upper molars!! I had NO idea they were even coming in! This will bring the tooth count to seven! His stitches disappeared today. Thank goodness we don't have to get them taken out. The pictures in the back of Adam's truck were taken on Wednesday and the cut looks even better now.


Mama Byrd said...

This cupcake recipient was thrilled to experience them! So Valentiney and totally delish... Thanks to Adam and Camp for sharing the yummy treats and thanks to the domestic goddess for making them!

Lollie said...

the treats were FANTASTIC!!! I had to open mine right away!!! I didn't tell the boys they were really yummy in hopes that they would forget they had a treat and I could gobble it myself!!!! We had such a nice evening ! Thanks for sharing the day with us!!! XOXOXO

Aunt Carrie Anne said...

I agree, those lollipops were sooooooooo GOOD! and so cute! love the pictures of him staring out the window :)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Stop the presses with your Mater truck!! I cannot believe we don't have that! What a fun toy!
And YAY for the tractor.
We had truck crews picking up ENORMOUS piles of leaves in the fall and I went to get the boys to bring them home to see it! ha! There was a backhoe loader, a dump truck and a bulldozer- all right in front of our house! All drivers were instructed not to leave! They thought I was crazy... then they saw the kids jumping up and down. It was awesome! So much fub with boys!
Love that Camper!! So cute even with his boo boo!

PS- Get OUT with your Bakarella pops! Those are amazing!!