Pearly Whites

It’s been a busy week at the Gunter household! We started the week with a cookout. Uncle Trip joined us for grilled dove (and pork chops for me!) We brushed Camp’s teeth for the first time too! He still only has the two bottom teeth, but both of his top teeth have finally cut through his gums. He’s also getting another bottom tooth. We haven’t noticed any signs of teething. I’m not sure how this whole teething thing works, but he seems to have the symptoms (drooling, crankiness, biting) before the teeth are even visible. Camp LOVED getting his teeth brushed! I was worried because he hates to have anyone look in his mouth, but the yummy flavor of Elmo toothpaste really won him over!
He's really excited to brush his teeth!



On Tuesday we went to a surprise birthday party for our friend Andrew. We think he was really surprised! We had such a great time! Andrew’s niece, Molly, and Camp really hit it off! Camp even shared his truck book with Molly!



On Wednesday, I took Camp to Barnes & Noble. Mamaw got Camp a gift certificate for Christmas and I thought it would be fun for Camp to pick out some new books. We had a great time and I was really impressed with their kids section. Camp enjoyed playing with the Thomas trains and reading lots of books! We got some great new books….mostly about trucks and tractors! After we left Barnes & Noble, we went to Mamaw’s house to show her some of Camp’s new books! I wish that I would have brought my camera!

On Thursday Camp and I went to Kindermusik!! I have to admit that I was inspired by Farrah from Teen Mom and researched baby music classes in our area. I found an excellent music school and I am soooo excited about it. Camp had so much fun and I knew we hit the jackpot when the theme for the day was cars, trucks, and trains! We will go once a week until June and I think it’s going to be a wonderful experience for both of us. Thursday evening, I headed to a Junior League meeting for Jingle Jubilee. This year, the Junior League is totally changing their Jingle Jubilee and it’s going to be fantastic! Mark your calendars now….November 18-20 at the Leon County Civic Center. I left the meeting so excited and super pumped to hopefully serve on the Jingle Jubilee committee!

We have a fun weekend planned and if Adam’s not too embarrassed by me and my camera, I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures!


Mama Byrd said...

Loves to read and brush his teeth! What a good boy!! Sooo cute!

The Johnsons said...

I just signed Blake up for Kindermusik last week. I am so excited!

Shannon, EJ, Gabe and Hannah said...

I can't believe how big Camp is!! Did teething affect his sleeping at all? I felt like Gabe didn't sleep from about 5-11 months when he was getting those first 4 or 5 teeth LOL and Hannah has started the same thing! I wanted to take Hannah to Kindermusik but I'm not sure what I would do with Gabe so I don't think I can :-(