Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend! The best part of all was probably watching the Gators lose!! Adam came home from work during the 1st half and we watched the game together. We didn't know we were such Alabama fans! :)

Camp learned how to climb up on furniture......He's now able to climb up on his table and the coffee table. This is going to make things very interesting!

My mom, Camp, and I headed to Market Days. My mom and I have been going for probably ten years. We usually browse through the craft vendors without buying much. I usually get a personalized ornament or two, but this year we got absolutely NOTHING! It's always so fun to go though, it's just another one of our yearly Christmas traditions. I think the only reason that we really go is so we can go to lunch afterwards. :) Yesterday we changed up our routine and ate a yummy lunch at Tijuana Flats. Camp surprisingly slept through the entire lunch!! I guess shopping wears him out!

Here is Camp all bundled up ready to go to Market Days. He didn't keep that hat or blanket on for very long!

When we got home, we helped Daddy work in the yard....

And finished putting out all of our Christmas decorations.

We also took Camp to Dorothy B. Oven to see all of the Christmas lights. This is probably one of my favorite things that Tallahassee does during the Christmas season. I love it! Camp really had a great time walking through by himself. He didn't want us picking him up to take him to a different part of the park!

And he was more interested in the lights than taking a picture with his Mama!



"I want that one, Daddy!"





In between these two pictures, we had to take a break and let other people have a turn taking pictures on the sleigh.....
You can see Camp was not very happy about having to get off the sleigh!!! He crumbled and couldn't get it together for another picture! It was 8:30 so I'm blaming it on being past his bedtime! :)

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

He has on that wonderful jacket you got him while I was there. It fits him so cute.