Last Minute Trip

We just got back from a quick trip to St. Augustine to visit my dad and Meri. Trip was planning on going for a few days and Camp and I decided we wanted to tag along! We didn't have anything planned and Adam had to go back to work so it was perfect timing!

On Monday we headed to a little neighborhood park. This park was perfect for Camp! There were lots of different pieces of equipment to choose from and he had a blast!






On Tuesday, Meri, Camp, and I headed to Hobby Lobby. I've been hearing it was all the rage and it's always mentioned in the crafty blogs that I follow. I had a craft in mind before going and I was able to find all of the supplies and then some! :) I could have spent three hours in this store! It was amazing.....filled with all of the things I love. If Tallahassee had a Hobby Lobby I'd probably get a job there and spend my entire paycheck on Hobby Lobby goodies!!
I can't wait to start working on my little craft project! I will post pictures as soon as I'm finished! I know my Dad and Meri are looking forward to seeing the final product.....I talked so much about it!

These are my Dad's new appetizer idea. Maybe it's already been invented, but we've never seen it before. It's a mini taco! I had fun staging the food for a picture......and of course I took the tomato and lettuce off before I ate them. :) It worked for Krystal.....maybe we're sitting on a gold mine!!


We had such a great time! Camp hadn't seen his Grandpa since June and hadn't seen his Grandma since February!!

We're going back to visit again in two more weeks and this time Adam gets to join in on the fun!!
AND my sister Charlotte and her family will be there too!!

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great. Hope you had as good time as we did seeing you, Trip and Camper. Can't wait to see you, Adam and of course Mr. Camp again next week.