A Boy & His Truck

I guess it's just ingrained in boys.......they're gonna love trucks.....
We are happy to announce that Camp has said his first word and you are not going to believe what it is......TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds a little more like "Tuh", but it's clear that is what he is trying to say. He'll look out the window to see Adam pulling up and will say "Dada, Tuh".
The first thing we do when Adam gets home is go outside so Camp can play in Adam's truck. Camp just sits in the driver's seat and is perfectly content.
I'll make sure to take pictures of Camp and his new favorite hobby soon!
In the meantime I'll leave you with these pictures that I took this afternoon....enjoy!!







lollie said...

most precious pic's!!! it's amazing that boys are wired to love trucks and guns and sticks and rocks!!! he's a chip off the old block!!!

Anonymous said...

I have lots of trucks at my house...think I might have Camp????

Pam said...

Well...should have posted my name so you would at least know he was going to a good home!!! :)

Carrie Anne said...

love love love...and that outfit is precious.