14 Months

I am waaaayyy behind on blogging! We've been busy bees! Adam's been off of work since Wednesday and we've been having fun spending time together. Camp's enjoying waking up in the morning and finding Daddy still at home! I will slowly catch up on all of our Thanksgiving festivities, but I'll start out with Camp's 14 month stats.

Camp turned 14 months on Thanksgiving. He's growing and changing everyday!

  • He's become fascinated with owls.  Whenever he sees pictures of owls, he'll hoot!
  • Every time he sees Santa he says "Ho, Ho". Santa's everywhere now, so he does it all the time! It's so cute!
  • He loves all animals and he knows cow, cat, dog, owl, and bird sounds. (his variation of them....we know what he means when he does them!)
  • Uncle Trip noticed this, but every time we say "ewwwwy" he crinkles up his nose and drops whatever he's holding. :)
  • He shakes his head yes when he wants something and he usually follows that with signing please. 
  • When he wakes up in the morning, I'll bring him back in bed with me and we cuddle for about 15 more minutes. He just started this about 2 weeks ago and I love it. 
  • He loves to be outside. 
  • He just has his two bottom teeth.
  • He'd eat cookies, cheese, and blueberries all day if we'd let him.
  • He's running!!!
  • In size 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers, size 4 shoe.
  • Still sleeps like a champ! Bed at 8 up at 7:30-8. Two naps a day.



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Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Great pics and what an adorable Camper! He is so precious. Please enjoy this time! I know that sounds cliche and you don't need to hear it, but he will be crazy soon. H is a crazy 2 year old now and as much as I love him, I would rewind to 14 months, if possible! But I'll try to remember that he'll be potty trained soon. Maybe.
Love that Camper!