13 Months

I don't think that I'm going to take pictures of Camp and Beary every month anymore, but I plan on doing the list of what he's up to each month. Especially since this month seems to be a month of many new discoveries and tricks!!
(And don't worry, I'll take a few pictures of Camp and his Beary....probably at 15 and 18 months...and then of course every year until he's atleast 18!!!!)

Camp can sign: Please, Milk/Juice, All Done, & Bird.

He's communicating quite well with us and shakes his head yes when we ask him a question. He loves to nod his head "yes" when we ask him if he wants a cookie. :)

He loves, loves, loves his Daddy. Adam usually comes home during the morning to spend some time with Camp and eat breakfast. When Adam gets ready to leave, Camp crumbles!!! It's so sad.....but Adam loves it! :) Camp won't even let me hold him when Adam's around! I think it's pretty sweet too.

He is walking EVERYWHERE!!! The other evening he walked from our house to Mary's with no shoes on. :) Ooops.

He'll roar when asked what the lion says, growl when asked what the dog says, and he'll pucker his lips when asked what the fish says.

He blows kisses to anyone that asks for them!

He's in a size 4 diaper and 12-18 months in clothes. And about a 4-5 in shoes.

His favorite things to do are ride on his Mater truck, read books, sing interactive songs, go on walks, explore every nook and cranny of our house, and hide his pacis in secret places. (especially Daddy's boots!)

His favorite foods are cheese, green beans, waffles, cookies, kidney beans, and bananas.

He's becoming quite the little man and each month just gets better and better!!


Mama Byrd said...

Oh, Little Man... getting so clever!

Lollie said...

Happy "13" month birthday precious boy!!! I just want to kiss the sweet man!!! Hope to see him in his bumble bee costume!!!

Anonymous said...

He is just too darn cute!!

Ashley Smith

mary caroline said...

this was so sweet. I love the age update with more pictures, however I will miss Beary. Maybe soon there will be a knock on my door and it'll just be Camp who walked down to say hi :)