Thermometers & Tylenol

Poor Camper is SICK. I definitely don't think it's just teething.
He's had a fever since yesterday morning and it went up to 104 this afternoon....of course it has to be the WEEKEND!
I talked to the nurse on call and she told us to continue with the Tylenol and to call in the morning if he still has a fever. She made me feel a lot better, but this still makes me a nervous wreck!
Ahhh...I guess we have to be thankful that this is Camp's first time being sick in 10 months.
He just looks so puny and doesn't want to leave my arms. I've cuddled with him all day.
I've enjoyed the lovey dovey time, but I am so ready for him to get better!

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Beth Madigan said...

oh my poor little Campy B! God Momma sends her love and healing powers!!