Spring Creek Goodness

We ate lunch at Spring Creek this weekend.
The restaurant was featured in August's issue of Southern Living.
The article mentioned bread and garlic butter and I was sold......I had no idea the restaurant existed, but Adam has read the books.
It was fun to take a mini road trip and enjoy the tasty food.

Camp was such a good boy.....he had his very own meal.
Grilled cheese and french fries!
It definitely kept him occupied. :)

I loooove this picture!!! He's so excited to be on that boat!

The restaurant is tucked away under the beautiful oak trees.....it's very quiet and calm.
The service was great and the food was fantastic.
We'll probably make this a monthly routine!

In other news.....

The munchkin is in his big boy carseat!
I like it...it's a lot easier to get him in an out of, but I can't see him anymore! :(
The carseat is so big!


Nikki said...

Is that the Graco MyRide65 in Edgemont Dots?

Love the pics! Camp is totally adorable!!!

Mama Byrd said...

I hope you were wearing blue and white gingham too! So cute. Maybe he'll work on boats like his Cap and Uncle Trip or maybe just like to fish on them like his dad...

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Can Camp be any cuter? I love those smocked sailboats! Precious!! And I think that restaurant sounds divine! How far away is if from y'all?