Frozen Yogurt & Friends

Camp had TCBY for the first time today.....a kids cup of Golden Vanilla.
He loooooved it!

See how happy he is?

He's been on Augmentin for ten days (last night was his last dose) so I figured a little frozen yogurt would be good for his system!

We'll be eating TCBY even more often after reading this!

Sophie came over to play today.
Camp was sleeping when she got here so she walked around with his picture until he woke up.

They were so cute together.
Camp was so excited to have a friend over to play!

Sophie is a lot more mobile than Camp so she let him sit in his easy chair while she brought him cool toys.

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Mama Byrd said...

Hmmm, maybe a trip to TCBY is in the works while he's at Mama Byrd's! Sophie is gong to be a great big sister!!