Pickin' Flowers and A Computer Update

The Meyer children came over for a bit yesterday morning. All 4 of them. You would think that I might have been running around pulling my hair out, but these children aren't like usual children. They are perfect little angels. It was soooo nice to have them play with Camp!!
The flowers in all of our vases had seen better days so we all went outside to cut fresh blooms.
Elsa cut them and Linse Lane was the flower holder. We went around the whole front yard in search of the prettiest flowers to cut.
We were all about to melt by the time we got the perfect bouquet. It was so incredibly hot outside.
We got some great ones and they really perked up our house!
Adam was super impressed with the wildflower mix that we put in the living room. :)
The laptop is at Best Buy and has to be sent off to be repaired. We probably won't get it back for another 2-3 weeks. :( I told the extremely helpful and patient man that I wanted to make sure every picture was saved....they are saving everything onto a disk for us. I about lost it thinking about losing those pictures!! This has definitely taught me the lesson of backing every month's pictures up on a CD.
The man mentioned something about a motherboard and other than that, I have no idea what's wrong with it. I'm just thankful for our 2 year protection plan!
We still have our dinosaur desktop so unless I throw it out the window in pure frustration, you will still be able to keep up with the Gunter household. Hip, hip, hooray!!!


Mama Byrd said...

Is little Finn doing a birdy bap behind the girl's heads?!? lol! Beautiful flowers! Camp looks like he thinks he's one of the big kids...

Donna said...

sorry about your computer, what would you do without a back up? I will never loose your blog site again, you have an icon "CAMP" on my toolbar now!!!