Adam came home for lunch today and the three of us sat around the table to eat.
We had such a nice lunch. Camp and I both enjoyed the midday visit with Adam.
When Adam walked out the door to go back to work, Camp started crying. Camp's starting to really show favorites towards his Daddy. :)

Adam and I had a wonderful anniversary night. We went to one of our favorite fancy restaurants, Food Glorious Food. We reminisced and had lovely conversation. It's fun to have these new "holidays"(anniversaries, Mother's Day). June 3rd didn't mean anything to me five years ago, but now it's such a lovely day to celebrate the love that Adam and I have for one another.
Next time you find yourself at Food Glorious Food, please order the Almond Joy Tart. It's heaven on a plate.


Heather said...

I am a big fan of Food Glorious Food, yum-o! Glad you all had a wonderful anniversary!!

Mama Byrd said...

Wonder if you can just go to FGF and just have the tart and a cup of tea, maybe?!? Skip the whole dinner thing and cut straight to the chase. That truly is heaven on a plate.