Big Boy

For some reason, I can't get my new pictures to upload to the dinosaur of a computer. So this precious picture of Camp at 5 weeks will just have to suffice!
Camp is getting to be such a big boy these days. He's starting to understand what we say...uh oh...discipline here we come! :) He will smell the flowers when we tell him to, he'll kick, kick, kick when we tell him to and he will also search for his paci when I ask him where it is. If it's in reach, he'll scoot on over to it and get it. He also looks at the dogs when we ask where they are. It's crazy to think that he really understands us!! He definitely knows the word NO too! :)
I'm hoping to borrow a computer or get our laptop back real soon....especially in time for Camp's 9 month birthday next week!! Can't wait to see how much different he looks from last month!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Isn't it fun when they start to understand what you're saying?! That's great!
Can't wait for our lunch date over the 4th!!

Holly said...

What an adorable photo! :D