Fun in the Sun

We got in the baby pool for the first time today. I refilled the water this morning and by 1pm it was already warm enough to get in. It's HOT outside! Camp and I had so much fun. He splashed and played with his toys. We'll be doing this everyday!

Camp got a little brave and started to pull himself up on the side of the pool. I didn't think he'd actually be able to pick himself up so I just sat there and watched. Next thing I knew, he was tumpled over onto the deck. Yikes. He didn't even get upset...it probably scared me more than it did him!
And then he tried it again....but I was a little more prepared this time and he didn't fall over.

Ooohhh I love that little Crunchkin!!!!

I took this picture the other day when Camp and I went to play with Danielle and Sophie. Camp was really enjoying Sophie's new exersaucer and Sophie had fun going underneath to play too! The first time she did this she went right between Camp's legs. We were hoping she would do it again so I could get a picture, but no such luck. These little babies are just too funny!

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