I think that Cake Shop cupcakes are great for any celebration.
The Heller's found out yesterday that they are expecting another healthy baby girl! We are so excited. Of course, we had to celebrate with Cake Shop cupcakes!! I added the pink M&M's for a special touch.

Camp is excited that he's now going to have two Heller girls to choose from! I can't believe how much more Camp is interacting with Sophie. He kept trying to grab her and talk to her.

I managed to capture this video of Sophie acting oh so unimpressed with Camp. Bless his heart. :)

This morning Annabelle was standing in the hallway and Camp was in the living room in his exersaucer. I told Annabelle to "watch the baby" and I turn around the corner and see this. THANK GOODNESS my camera was handy. Camp loves his doggies and he squeals with delight everytime he sees them. I pray that Annabelle and Ellie always have patience with him.


Paul and Heather said...

MMMmmmm...I was introduced to Cake Shop cupcakes at Sally Kate's baby shower - very tasty!!

Carrie Anne said...

I'll take Cake Shop Cupcakes over Magnolia Bakery ANY day!!

the heller family said...

Sophie is very impressed with Camp even if she did bang him in the head with her toys :) Did anyone realize you sent a pregnant woman home with 12 cake shop cupcakes!!? I do not have enough self control not to eat them all at once!

mary caroline said...

yum!! I hated to have missed those. Great pictures and post subject :)

B Mad said...

If Danielle can't eat all of them, I'll take on the burden of polishing them off!
Campy B will always be Grade-A impressive!